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Editorial Staff

Top Tourism official under investigation for sexual harassment on the job

An internal investigation has been launched into the affairs of a top official within the Ministry of Tourism, who has been accused of sexually harassing female coworkers.

This is the second in a series of inquiries that is being conducted into allegations against the same individual.

Several female staff filed complaints against the superior, claiming sexual harassment on a number of occasions.

The first investigation was held a few years ago when a lone female staffer wrote to her supervisor, claiming that she was being sexually harassed.

She said the man would touch her inappropriately and comment on the voluptuous appearance of her posterior.

An investigation was launched and found that the woman’s claim was credible.

No disciplinary action was taken against the official then.

However, a few days ago, other reports were made by other women in the department.

Our newsroom contacted Tourism Minister Charles Max Fernandez for comments on the matter.

“This is an internal matter and will be dealt with as such. I have no other comments to make to the media”, he said

The investigation could lead to disciplinary action against the said offender.


  1. Midnite Maraudaz

    I guess is a real big man cause they covering it up …. nonsense

  2. Anonymous


  3. Mae

    What happened in darkness always comes to light. The first young lady should have marked him in his face. It took more attack on female staff before this could be addressed when it first happened. God’s timing is the best. These married men (and high officials in government offices) need to stop molesting their female staffs.


    So the ministry kept him still on after the first report was found to be credible? What disciplinary actions was taken? Was a slap on the wrist just given and In a month or so He want back to do what he does best? I wonder who Is his god-father In government? Ministry officials often turn a blind eye on these reports based on who you are. Stay strong ladies there are a bunch of perverts out there Including the Head of some Ministries. He should be terminated If found guilty forthwith. I am hoping & praying that this Internal Investigation report when completed will not be swept under the carpet as the Clarevue Psychiatric Report was. Help Us Lord.


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