Black March and Candlelight Vigil for Cameroonians underway

Editorial Staff

Apr 13, 2023

Members of the United Progressive Party, the clergy and scores of residents are currently engaged in a Black March and Candle Light Vigil for the West Africans who lost their lives on March 28th when a boat transporting them illegally to the USVI capsized off the coast of St Kitts and Nevis.

The event is just getting off the ground from the Multipurpose Center.

The Africans, mainly from Cameroon arrived in Antigua and Barbuda between November and February on chartered flights from Lagos

They said their final destination was never Antigua and Barbuda, instead their hope was to enter the United States as was promised to them by those who arranged the chartered flights.



    I wish I had some warm piss for these hypocrites. I’m not sure what they are hoping to accomplish.
    The Africans can’t vote for them. I wish I could figure out their end game.
    What exactly is the purpose of this vigil?

  2. Love for humanity

    Shame and contempt on those who seek political milage from the pain and suffering of others.

  3. Anonymous

    Shamefully how ABLP exploit and abuse the Africans. Now blaming UPP. Shameful and disgusting!

  4. Dorothy

    This people left their country in pains to your country; looking ; way to look for greener pastures because of the type of trouble the passed through i. their country; you hold them captive not to pass to other countries; you can not provide them jobs ; no food; the finished all the money they had and the can not go back; because if the go they will be in trouble; now the remain the; what are the Antigua and Barbuda expecting from them? aloud them go anywhere the want to go and aloud others enter and those who will like to stay will stay and those that will go will also go;


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