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Editorial Staff

Not every teacher is a teacher

​Some teachers deserve an award for the roles they play in our children’s lives but some of them need not pretend that they are in the jobs for anything other than the money.

These are the teachers that I write about today, not those hard-working ones who go beyond the call of duty for their students

Some teachers within the system couldn’t care less about their students or even the job. They are seemingly more concerned about the perks and just having the title “teacher”

They bad talk people’s children, make derogatory statements about them, hardly correct homework and give corrects where wrong should be placed. They also speak very lowly of their colleagues and compete for recognition from their principal. Who is responsible for examining the behavior of teachers”

Some of these so-called educators spend more time ensuring their four-inch heels are intact than going through textbooks to ascertain that a student has completed his or her homework.

They are constantly on their mobile phones in school texting other teachers about people’s children.

I say this because I am a teacher too and I witness forehand a lot of nonsense happening in the classroom

I heard the ABUT speaking about those that don’t support this morning’s sit-in. I didn’t go because I won’t be part and parcel of the hypocrisy.

It seems to me that these teachers want blood out of stone because there have been many strides made to fix security and the other issues affecting them.

I believe working together rather than causing a riot over issues that cannot be addressed immediately is baseless.

Some third-formers need to be in school. Some students have already lost so much time. Some slow students need that extra push. But what do we do? we take away from them the very thing we were employed to give-their education.

Like is said before, some love their jobs and have children at heart. But some need to get out of the system because not every teacher is a teacher.


Da Teacher


  1. Earlyn Huggins

    I am happy for the teachers are strictly business and discipline and obeying authority to the children.

  2. Evangelist A. J. Carr

    We pray for all the teachers ,LORD , please help we do need abetter generation , coming out of their hands. Thank you LORD .

    So many times we allow the enemy of our soul to come in and theres
    Where the break down started .

    May the good GOD help us all .

  3. Anonymous

    Well said!
    1. Every month religiously some take their two-day ‘sick days’ claiming that it is their right.
    2. They should report to work for 7:45 (secondary school) or 8:45 (primary school). Some get their nearly half an hour later almost every day and still sign an earlier time… so dishonest and now acting like Mr/Ms righteous
    3. Over use the privileges of casual leave, study leave and duty leave to do their own business and to take a ‘quick travel’ overseas.
    4.The majority don’t support the PTA Meetings where efforts are made to develop the schools in connection with the parents and other stakeholders…they say that they don’t have to since it’s after school hours. Give me a break!
    5. Numerous teachers prepare mediocre lessonplans or use the same ones for the last five years and boast they can’t be bothered.. they just change the dates.
    Many REFUSE to write or submit lesson plans and the HODs and principals just bark bark bark but no bite.
    6. A few teachers have been Double dipping or getting EXTRA funds from the various scholarship programmes to pursue studies. A lot of them taking advantage of the Prime Ministers’ scholarship fund. Some begin and don’t continue and still have the heart to collect the government’s money from Maurice Merchant.
    Sooooo please think about all these as you plan to sit in on Monday.

    • Anonymous

      7. Bad talking the principal and teachers with guess who… students
      8.engaging in appropriate relationships with the students…. the big white elephant in the room that the Ministry of Education don’t want to deal with. Very rampant in the secondary Schools. Just talk with a number of students. (Increase in the number of homosexual/lesbian teachers negatively influencing and seducing our students
      8. Going out on weekends with students to the various fetes and t-shirt Mas etc etc etc. Where do these teachers draw the line?
      9. Many don’t go to their assigned classes and report Absent on a particular day if they have too many periods or don’t want to teach a particular time.
      Please ponder on all of these as you sit in on Monday.
      Kudos to the real teachers!!!
      Shame on the fake, selfish, no value teachers who prey on people’s children and take the government’s money for mediocre service.

      • Denise Bowman

        I could hug the author of the article

  4. Diamond

    I commend the author of this article. Some teachers have been teaching for years and don’t write lesson plans because they know it all. I hate to see a lazy, nonchalant, late every day, taking sick leave almost every month because they are entitled to, dishonest, teacher. Not all those present on Thursday at Teachers place do their part as a teacher but for one extra dollar on their pay check, they will turn up.
    More strict measures should be implemented by the government to deal with those teachers who are NOT doing their work. What is done with the yearly appraisals or have these not been in use?

  5. Anonymous

    It’s not a good idea to encourage a lot of teacher bashing. There are all types of people in every profession. When adults bash teachers, children want to copy their parents and start being uncooperative and disrespectful to teachers in class. Then they get poor grades because they don’t listen. I criticise some actions of my child’s teacher, but I don’t make it seem like she’s a horrible person. My child knows to I expect him to listen and be respectful to his teachers at school. All this public teacher bashing is just making education worse for children.

    • Anonymous

      Not bashing teachers. Just shedding some light as to the attitudes/negative behaviors of SOME teachers. They need to be aware and make changes to remedy the deficiencies listed in the article and in the comments section of concerned citizens.


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