State College Students Introduced to Trade Unionism

Editorial Staff

Apr 14, 2023


Students at the Antigua State College have a better appreciation for the local Trade Union Movement following a recent presentation by the Antigua and Barbuda Workers’ Union (ABWU).

Approximately 20 first-year students from the Introduction to Business class were educated on the shared history and evolution of the local trade unions and their impact on the broader society.

The students also explored several provisions in the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Code that are designed to protect employees.

Other areas of discussion included employment documents, health and safety, and retirement planning. Industrial Relations officer at the ABWU, Hugh Joseph, facilitated the session.

Joseph noted that it was important for young adults to understand the contributions that trade unions have made to improving conditions in the world of work. Following the session, several students shared their feedback: “The presentation was very useful. I gathered a lot of information that I did not know about the trade union,” one student commented.

Another student shared that she was less likely to be exploited having been equipped with the knowledge of her rights and benefits as an employee in Antigua.

The ABWU will spearhead several similar educational engagements in the upcoming months, which will include a school lecture and a young workers workshop. 


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