Smart Achraf Hakimi safeguards fortune in divorce battle by having assets in his mother’s name


Apr 15, 2023

Moroccan footballer Achraf Hakimi’s ex-wife, Hiba Abouk, had asked for a division of the former couple’s assets and fortune when she filed for divorce. However, it turns out that Achraf Hakimi has nothing in his name, according to the Spanish daily Marca. Instead, all his wealth and assets are in his mother’s name, and is also the recipient of his salary.

Achraf Hakimi is among the sixth-highest-paid African footballer, earning over $215,000 per week, according to a report by Morocco World News in June last year. Nonetheless, it appears that the footballer has successfully found a way to safeguard his fortune in the midst of a tumultuous divorce from his wife.

In addition to the ongoing legal battles over the divorce, Hakimi is also facing charges of rape. A 24-year-old woman accused the Paris Saint-Germain player of rape in February, which prompted police to open an investigation on the matter.

Despite the alleged victim’s reluctance to file an official complaint, the authorities proceeded with the case in order to get to the root of the matter.

Last month, Hiba publicly defended Hakimi and expressed her belief that the accusations of rape against him were false. However, during the same statement, she implied that it may have been the last straw in their separation and suggested that the process of divorce was imminent.

“The accusations are false. He is calm and is making himself available to the authorities. After having taken the decision to legally separate and to stop living together whilst awaiting the divorce procedure, which you can imagine, on top of the pain brought about by the separation, as well as having to accept the sadness that a failed project, which I gave my body and soul, brings, I was supposed to face up to this disgraceful act?” Hiba said on Instagram.

She added an explanation for taking time to prepare herself mentally before speaking, saying:

“I needed time to come to terms with this shock. One must trust the legal process, especially considering the gravity of the accusation. Nonetheless, in my life, I always have been, and always will be, on the side of victims.”

Hiba is a Spanish actress who gained recognition for her role in the Spanish crime drama El Principe.

The couple first met in 2018 when Hakimi was playing for Dortmund in Germany. Abouk is twelve years older than him and was born in Madrid to Tunisian immigrants.

In 2020, Hakimi and Abouk tied the knot in a private ceremony and later welcomed their first child. Their second child was born in 2022.

Social media reacts

Hakimi’s move to secure his wealth by not having it registered in his name has captured the attention of people worldwide, and some Twitter users have commended him for his shrewdness, referring to him as a living legend.

@MrBlackOG wrote: “Achraf Hakimi’s mother has lived long enough to know these girls are the same. Smartest move I’ve seen in 2023.”

@Views09: “Achraf Hakimi and Ronaldo are both Mama’s boys. Now everyone will understand why Ronaldo hasn’t married Georgina after 4 kids with her. You slack you lose your properties, smart men.”

@FellMentKE simply wrote: “Achraf Hakimi to the world: Your mother is the only person who will never betray you as a man.”

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