WATCH: Drowning at Long Bay

Editorial Staff

Apr 15, 2023

The Police at Willikies are continuing investigations into the apparent drowning of a man at Long Bay Beach.

It was reported that around 10 am on Saturday 15 April, a 76 years old resident of Pares Village was bathing in the waters at Long Bay when he apparently encountered difficulties and called out for help.

A sea bather who was in close proximity went to his assistant and pulled him ashore.

The EMS were called on the scene and made several efforts to resuscitate him but were unsuccessful.

A medical doctor pronounced the body dead approximately 12:22 pm.


  1. Mystic

    Yes it Happens..
    One Could get Cramp to Disaster..
    Dog Swim / Back Float. ..
    ” Charlie Horse” wicked. .
    Be Csutious Body HIT to be Prioerly Adjysted Temp & Pressure.
    RIP.Nelson…Sea having a Fesst!!

  2. Helen Boston

    Omg I am so sorry to hear this .
    Sincerest condolences to his family and friends . May the good memories of him give them some strength at this time of loss and sadness . May angels accompany him to his place of rest .


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