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Editorial Staff

US$28K weekly to maintain Alfa Nero

US$28K weekly. That’s what the government is paying to the marina to maintain the Alfa Nero, the former Russian Superyacht currently moored in the Falmouth Habour.

And if it is not sold quickly, then the anticipated windfall after the sale will be much less than expected.

Finance Minister and Prime Minister Browne confirmed in Parliament Monday that the US$28K weekly does not include fuel charges.

Any additional debt will be paid once the superyacht is sold to the highest bidder.

But that in itself could take weeks or even months, as there is no telling when the United States will release the sanctions on the vessel.

The US has already given early indications that it is easier to impose sanctions than to remove them.

“The government acquired ownership of the vessel and it cannot be left unmanned and as a consequence, we have to pay the crew and captain. The monies are paid to the marina and the marina in turn will pay the captain and crew on behalf of the state,” he said.

Browne explained that the amount for fuel will be credited from West Indies Oil Company.

“All expenses will be duly covered when the boat is sold. We have several buyers already and we believe that in short order the vessel will be sold and those liabilities will be settled,” he said

Last week Tuesday, the government seized the Alfa Nero, which has been moored in the Falmouth Habour for over a year without any owner coming forward to claim it.

The luxury yacht believed to have been owned by a Russian Oligarch could be sold for no less than $US 70 Million.


  1. Anonymous

    WOW, hurry up and sell

  2. Mae

    The time the sanction is lifted the vessel will depreciated so bad that it would not value anything. Always remember that Antigua and Barbuda government do not preformed frequent schedules maintenance, which is not part of their tradition.


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