Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

The official book of congratulations opened at government house today

An official Book of Congratulations was opened today at the Government House in recognition of the coronation ceremony for Their Majesties King Charles III and Queen Camilla which took place on May 6.

In a press statement released today, the Governor General, His Excellency Sir Rodney Williams said the collection of messages to their Majesties had commenced.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne and other members of Cabinet, Parliament and the Diplomatic Corps will add their messages tomorrow and Thursday

The statement said that other opportunities will be provided to the citizens and residents from all walks of life in Antigua and Barbuda to add their messages to the collection.

The general public will add their messages on Friday.

In Antigua and Barbuda’s system of Government, described as a constitutional monarchy, the nation’s Head of State is King Charles III and the monarch’s representative is the Governor General. 


  1. Man on the sea

    King demon and queen demon

  2. Teacher for life

    It took place on May 6 or it will take place on May 6?


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