Regis Burton is the new MCA boss

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Apr 19, 2023

Regis Burton

Regis Burton is the new Chief Executive Officer of the Medicinal Cannabis Authority or MCA after working with the company for the past 15 months.

In a press statement released Wednesday, the MCA said Burton has proven to be a highly qualified and experienced individual in the Medicinal Cannabis industry and they believe that he is “well suited for this important role”

The CEO position has been vacant since October 2021 and MCA says Burtons “is a significant step towards advancing the responsible management of cannabis in the country”.

Burton will use his new position to address the abuse and misuse of cannabis by youths while harnessing the economic value of responsible cannabis use to improve the life and livelihood of the country.

“As the Chief Executive Officer of Antigua and Barbuda Medicinal Cannabis Authority, my top priorities will be to actively involve and engage local stakeholders in our decision-making processes and urgently implement a youth educational program”.

“Local input and involvement are crucial to ensure that the ownership and benefits of the cannabis industry are shared by our communities and that we address any concerns or issues effectively. We also need to work together to promote and educate the public on responsible cannabis use by adults, public health and wellness, and the economic empowerment opportunities available”, he said

Meantime plans are underway for the official launch of a stakeholder’s conference dubbed “Waladli Cannabis Summit”

The conference will be held in May 2023 and residents will be invited to register at the Office of MCA located on Friars Hill Road in the Jasmine Court Complex, Suite 21, or contact our office at 1 (268) 562 – 9729.

The MCA said it is confident that Burton’s “leadership will prioritize stakeholder engagement and ensure that their voices are heard. We encourage all stakeholders to join us at the Waladli Cannabis Summit 2023 to share their perspectives, ideas, and concerns, as we work towards building a responsible and sustainable cannabis industry in Antigua and Barbuda”.

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