Who will lead the UPP?

Editorial Staff

Apr 25, 2023

By Makeida Antonio


There have been reports of in-house grumbling within the United Progressive Party (UPP) about who should be the next leader.

About five people have shown interest in becoming the leader of the UPP; a party that almost unseated the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party at the last general elections.

Jamal Pringle was appointed leader after Harold Lovell resigned, following his defeat at the polls. Sources close to the party say, however, Pringle will be putting up a tough fight to keep that position.

Pearl-Quinn is also a contender for leader, although she was not even given a senatorial position.

Algernon Serpent Watts, the Managing Director of NewsCo Ltd may have popularity on his side with many claiming that he should contest the leadership position.

Watts has said publicly that he is not interested in the position however insiders say he may very well be in the race

All eyes are on Richard Lewis for leadership of the UPP but not if then-leader Harold Lovell has a say. Sources say while Lewis may be the best fit for leadership of the UPP, he may have fallen out of grace with some party hierarchies over a longtime dispute, according to sources.

There is also Sean Bird. His name has come up among those possibly wanting to lead the UPP.

The UPP is expected to hold its delegates convention soon, where a new leader will be selected by ballot.


  1. Anonymous

    Hmmmm. I thought that is only the ABLP has drama. Want to see where this leads.

  2. Anonymous

    And Lights, Camera, Action continues in the political arena

  3. BigRed

    None of these old heads should want to lead , there was a young man on a video call the night of elections giving information, a junior upp rep, someone like him should be given the chance. Intelligent, well spoken , fresh ideas and no ties to anyone.

  4. Anonymous

    Here they go again. Whats wrong with Pringle, he is a young intellectual uPP needs ro settle and be contented with who God has appointed to run the party. Let Pringle be.

  5. Dexter Pelle

    Let’s get ready to rumble… we can’t take Serpent at his word….he was said he had no political interest and any time he made the mistake to run for office…he need a BULLBUD thrashing…. oh well he is a Serpent 🐍…as Wilmot Daniel.
    But its his right to change with mind…welcome to the leadership fight Serpent.
    Sean Bird..sorry you are still a Bird.
    Pringle…enjoy it while it last…the international stage is beyond you…we can’t take the embarrassment…Antigua is your playground.
    Richard Lewis its your time to Shine…forge ahead and take your rightful place…as Antigua’s next Prime Minister…
    Case close no more room left.
    Let’s get ready to rumble.

    • Upp supporter

      I won’t vote for upp again if dem go do the black punter dat chupzzz


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