45-year-old Larry Parks and 42-year-old Yyetta Purcell have been remanded to prison, following a scandalous arrest at the V.C Bird International Airport this week.

The duo was seen causing quite a scene at the airport while police were attempting to prevent them from leaving the country.

According to reports the couple destroyed a vehicle in Bendals and were attempting to leave the country without addressing the matter

When they appeared in court today Friday, they pleaded not guilty to the charge of malicious damage

Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh denied bail to the defendants, who are considered flight risks.

They are also facing Resisting Arrest, Disorderly Conduct, Malicious Damage of a Police Vehicle and several Battery on Police charges, arising from their arrest at the Airport.

They will appear before Magistrate N’gaio Emanuel on these charges since the Coolidge area where the Airport is located falls under her jurisdiction.