Editorial Staff
10 months ago

Editorial Staff
10 months ago

Betrayed by Love: Antiguan Woman’s Infidelity Shatters American Dream

Dear 268 Let’s Talk

I have heard people say Antiguan women are no good and I always defended that statement until I found myself in a predicament that forced me to write this letter.

I wanted to get an idea of what public opinion is on my story. I have been dating this woman from Liberta for several years.

I got my green card and I migrated to the United States. This woman, whom I loved and still love had a daughter for someone else.

I raised that child as my own. I would send them tickets to visit me during the summer. Once I was settled in Atlanta, I allowed them to come to live with me.  The child is now 10 years old

I put the child in school and this woman was well taken care of. She made friends with other Antiguans in the US and I was very happy since I never wanted her to feel isolated. We were a family.

About four months ago I heard her call someone’s name in her sleep. Several times. I chose not to say the name for obvious reasons but I woke her up at 2:45 a.m to question her.

She said it was our daughter’s teacher and she was having a nightmare. That was some nightmare because she was wiggling and giggling while she called his name.

I didn’t believe her so I questions our daughter. Who told me that mommy is always on the phone with Sir…so and so. I confronted her again and she confessed that they were having an affair.

I want to report the matter to the school but that would embarrass our child. I want to send them back to Antigua but I love them so much. And the Antiguan in me wants to walk into the school and beat the life out of this teacher.

But all my options may end up being worse for me and them because I love my family.

What do you think I should do? Are all Antiguan women really like that? Or did I just get the bad apple?

Family Man


Hello Family Man

It is never easy dealing with these matters especially where the heart is concerned. The fact that you are even taking your family into consideration is good.

You shouldn’t use a broad brush to paint all Antiguan women. It is not even about any particular woman. It is really about human nature and their tendency to make mistakes.

When trust is destroyed it can really take a toll on any relationship and in your case, I hope that you can get through this test, whether together or alone.

You and your partner need to sit down and discuss this and figure out whether you will stay together or move on without each other.


Good luck!



  1. Teacher For Life

    She wicked!! You took a child that wasn’t yours, provided a life for them both, and this is how you’re repaid. Well, well!! No good deed goes unpunished!!! I would leave her because trust is like paper- once you ball it up it can never be as it was before. Similarly, a relationship cannot thrive where there is no trust. Trust me, she will cheat again because she thinks you are weak.

    • Mystic

      Things that Comes with Migration..Scattered Nation.
      Diversified Moraly Desensitized.
      Can’t Buy Love
      Love Don’t Come at a Price
      Cupid Can Shoot His.Arrow So Far / Fast. Get out de Way!!

    • Anonymous

      Makes since,follow your heart young man.But dont like feeling over ride you.Your story is very sad!!

      • Ziglar

        That’s so true

    • Natasha Martin

      Sir let them GO , also get a cleanse she probably tie you, that’s why you can’t let go. Report him also to the school. Thrust God and he work it out , but they need to go

  2. Bush Counselor

    Big man ! You met her with a child and took the responsibility of raising her as your own great Job ! Then you did good by the mother who served you well migration did well for the family lots of happy moments no complaints but that dream irritated you badly because she called another man’s name from her past and you are now furious with the man support her continue to love her and be the man in all present dreams and reality it was just a dream show her your heart of forgiveness and gratitude

    • Watching

      I can see that you are hurt and that you love this woman and your daughter. What she did was wrong and no, not all of us are bad. The thing is you know this thing called trust, it is the foundation of any good and safe relationship and when trust is eroded it is very hard to regain. There are questions that you need to ask that will help you to determine what you should do.

      1. Is she remorseful about this experience?
      2. Does she love you as much as you love her?
      3. How long has the relationship with the teacher been carrying on?
      4. Is this her first time cheating?
      5. Do you think that you can forgive her and move on?
      6. Is she willing to mend things? A relationship takes 2 to grow.

      I am sure that you also have other questions. Right now it is only you who can determine how much you can bear. Think long and hard with your eyes wide open where she is concerned. Think about what is best for you knowing that sometimes what/who we want may not be the best for us. Don’t waste your love and time if she will not reciprocate. If it means closing that door so that your right person will come along, close it. All the best and God be with you.

    • N Martin

      Sir let them GO , also get a cleanse she probably tie you, that’s why you can’t let go. Report him also to the school. Trust God and he work it out , but they need to go. Some woman make it bad for all me so. They never satisfied

  3. Ey look a yah e dey murdahhhh


    You invest whole plane ticket and bring in the knuckle like Antigua ppl bring in VITZ.

    Noooo u could just get a local knuckle

    U had to go far and bring a woman from Antigua straight to Atlanta….just to knuckle u

    Murdahhhhh….. lmaooo das craaayyyyzeeeeeeeeeee

    You get what u deserve!!!!

    You should know better

    Football game never start 1-0

    And look at u playing a hero, u mussa name Captain Save Hoes. She profit off u since however long she believe u foolish. Out here being nice a buy plane ticket and pick up for other man slack. The baby father must be smiling how much leverage u take off his hand feeding a next man’s child off her young foolishness. U give the girl an escape out Antigua and this she do u

    Should been worst

    U should have married her so when u find out she divorce u and leff u half empty.
    You men see other man in shit and think nahhh that won’t happen to me

    Now look at u, u thought shit was sweet
    ANTIGUA WOMAN nuh good

    Unless money involved DEM NUH LOVE NOBODY!!! DEM NAH SORRY FOR YOU!!!

    Dunce u dunce take what u get

    U will learn and for sure nah do this again

    Love learn hard way now watch u
    Post ur business for the world to see for mixed opinions about a situation

    Some go say oh my !!!
    none dem go tel u the truth!! cuz they want hear how worst it can develop to laugh at u more just like how am laughing at u. Al these comments is laugh they laughing at you. They would never do it but look you. And worst this is Antigua dem love so much nearga business

    They prolly already know who u are and laughing at u solid!!!! Antigua ppl see thru tinted car at night and know dem woman in such car

    But u say nooooooooo u want be different!!!!

    Ya Eff around and FIND OUT!!


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