Pure Lies: Alfa Nero has no mechanical issues-Captain Koster

Editorial Staff

Apr 29, 2023

Andy Koster the Captain of the Alfa Nero says all generators onboard the superyacht are fully functional with no mechanical or technical issues.

Superyacht News produced a YouTube video last week, saying that only one of the four generators on board the yacht was functioning and the vessel was slowly deteriorating.

The news presenter named E Sysman said he was also reliably informed that the United States Treasury is not cooperating with the Antiguan government where lifting the sanction is concerned.

But Koster told State Media that the claims are untrue and “all three generators are working well and a fourth one, there as an emergency back-up, is also in good condition”.

Koster also confirmed that only one generator is needed at a time on the Alfa Nero while the other three are rotated.

Meanwhile, Port Manager Darwin Telemaque said when the vessel was inspected recently, the results showed neither mechanical nor technical challenges.

Where the non-cooperation of the United States government is concerned, Telemaque said this also is untrue

He said talks are ongoing between Ambassador Sanders and the United States and he anticipates that soon the sanctions will be lifted, paving the way for the sale of the vessel.

He also told State Media that a second step is also being taken, to have the US provide licenses for the government and prospective buyers, which will allow the buyer to complete the sanction removal process on their own.

The Alfa Nero has been moored in the Falmouth Habour for over a year. It has been abandoned. The government seized the vessel and is now in the process of having it auctioned.


  1. Anonymous

    Some of these reporters need sueing, they love and feed on scandal and false reporting

    • Mystic

      Yellow Belly NEWS
      Your issues like Tissues
      Alfa Nero is NOT de BOAT
      Alfa Nero. ….. FLOAT.
      De TrAFfickeering . YACHTING
      SAILING surfing The SEAS.
      Dat BOAT is de GOAT !!
      News Reporter TURNCOAT

    • Janet

      If you can believe the government Top Dog lies when stated that the US government gave the okay to sell the yacht and take ownership of the said vessel. So, why not believe the reporters?

  2. Mae

    I thought the PM said his government’s got approval from the US government to sell the yacht.


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