Editorial Staff
10 months ago

Editorial Staff
10 months ago

Bizarre weather: It hailed in Belize

Hail fell in Belize yesterday. That confirmation from the National Meteorological Service of Belize. Residents took to social media showing videos and pictures of hail. That country was experiencing a thunder storm at the time,

In an update on Sunday, the MET office said that “preliminary information for April 29 suggests that the daily maximum temperature extreme temperature record has been broken for some areas such as Belmopan, Central Farm and Towerhill”

The Met Service also claimed that “these extreme temperatures and the sudden shift in moisture due to a cold front nearby supported strong updrafts (rising air)”.

This, according to the MET office “led to severe thunderstorms in some areas and carried the raindrops so high up in the air, that it froze and caused the hailstorm yesterday”

According to Wikipedia, hail is a form of precipitation consisting of solid ice that forms inside thunderstorm updrafts. Hail can damage aircraft, homes and cars, and can be deadly to livestock and people.


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