“Ketchup Boat Guy” could only purchase small boat with cash from Heinz

Editorial Staff

Apr 30, 2023

Dominican fisherman Elvis Francois says he is disappointed that Heinz only gave him enough money to purchase a small fishing boat without GPS.

Francois, the fisherman who became famous after he survived 24 days at sea eating just ketchup and seasonings was promised a brand-new boat with GPS from Heinz.

In fact, Heinz said the new boat will be fully navigational to avoid a reoccurrence of such a disaster in the future.

But when Heinz contacted Francois, he was asked whether he wanted the money or for the company to buy him the boat. He said he wanted the cash instead and was given USD $14,800 which amounts to about EC$40,000.

But Francois said the cash couldn’t pay for a sailboat like the one he had previously. He said however that he bought a small fishing boat so he could resume fishing.

The 47-year-old said he spent EC$18,000 on a small boat and EC$20,000 on two motors but needed more cash to purchase a GPS system and other parts including a steering wheel.

“We’re surprised and sorry to hear that Mr Francois is disappointed with Heinz’s monetary support. While our intention was to purchase him a new fishing boat, once we were able to locate and discuss with him directly, he indicated that money would be preferred and most beneficial.

“We quickly researched and determined that our donation was sufficient to purchase a higher-quality boat than what he previously had, if he chose to do so, while also keeping in mind any tax implications that he might incur. As our only goal here was to delight Mr Francois, if he was not able to purchase the boat that we had discussed, we’re happy to take a look and determine if additional funds are needed,” a Heinz representative told media outlet Insider.


  1. Mae

    He should have let Heinz bought him the boat. I am wondering who advised him to take the money instead. Man you make the wrong negotiation, so why complain now.

    • Anonymous

      The money can’t buy no good boats the money they gave him was just to get the engine they just wanted the game but god nar sleep

  2. Man on the sea

    He should have let them purchase the boat for him ,but I also think that he’s ungratefull to be saying that he’s disappointed with Heinz because these people did not have to step up and help.


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