PM Browne to attend Coronation of King Charles lll

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May 2, 2023

Prime Minister Gaston Browne met with King Charles following the death of Queen Elizabeth

Prime Minister Gaston Browne has confirmed to that he will leave the island tomorrow night, to join some of the most prominent world leaders who will participate in the coronation of King Charles III.

Browne will be among about 2000 attendees

The grand ceremony will take place on Saturday, in Westminister Abbey in London, marking the official ascension of the King to the British Throne.

During the ceremony, the King will be crowned alongside Camilla, the Queen Consort

All this comes as PM Browne announced last year that he plans to hold a referendum within the next three years to decide whether to remove the king as head of state and become a republic.

“It does not represent any form of disrespect to the monarch. This is not an act of hostility or any difference between Antigua and Barbuda and the monarchy. It is a final step to complete the circle of independence to become a truly sovereign nation,” he assured during an interview.

Antigua and Barbuda is among 14 known Commonwealth countries that still have the ruling British royal as their monarch however recently in recent years, there have been efforts by some Caribbean nations to do away with that figurehead.

Charles ascended to the throne last week following the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.


  1. Man on the sea

    I really hope it’s not tax payers hard earned monies paying for that trip .

    • Anonymous

      What foolishness are you chatting? Just stay on the see and make sense of what you are there to do. I know that you are smarter than the words coming out of your mouth at this moment

  2. Ras Jus

    What of the King’s representstive, His Excellency the Governor General? Where dis damn hyporite sh go? And tomorrow, he go preach republicanism on Pointe FM 🥳 😳 😱


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