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Barbuda Reparation

Dear Editor,


Barbuda finds itself entangled in a legal system, designed by disingenuous lawmakers for the sole purpose of escaping culpability for their improprieties. British law, like in some other legal systems, does not consider justice in its structure. The mumbo jumbo rigmarole multi-leveled structure of the British legal system makes no accommodation for “wrong and right”; It’s about “what one can get away with”.

Justice and righteousness are the pillars that keep our society erect and if these are removed or even compromised, there would be an obvious tilt towards chaos.

Undisputedly, Barbudans are victims of a heinous trespass; boundaries were breached and consciences made dead, resulting in a people called Barbudans. Unless one is the offspring of the victims of this British crime, do not attempt to identify with the passion associated with the pursuit of justice.

There is no way to settle moral issues with political applications, since morality stems from the conscience, whereas politics is “intellectual hypocrisy”.

The crime is clear-cut, no grey areas whatsoever; international courts have been established to prosecute these actions since it is considered an egregious trespass against humans. This behavior was also known to be criminal before the establishment of the British Monarchy.

Plagium was an old English crime, supported by the Hebrew Scriptures which England under Catholicism subscribed to. This offense, which was later called kidnapping, commanded the death penalty, and no doubt many who engaged in such activity were executed.

It is said that King Charles 11 of England entered the English Royals into the criminal activity of plagium in 1663 and profited from the demise of men women and children for, approximately, the next 144 years.

Centuries-old businesses with little or no competition would be worth what would be calculated today as hundreds of billions, in whatever was the currency of their trade. No doubt the royals of England amassed great wealth by engaging in what the laws of their land deemed felonious.

“Criminal acts should be punished and victims of crime should be compensated”, summarizes the “British Justice System”. This should be acted upon at face value, however, since any deeper diggings into the details could unearth much hypocrisy and entanglement, denying justice for the sufferers.

Confronting an abuser in court should not be intimidating, since the power now lies with the victim, except of course if it’s the Monarchy that sits at the defence table.

There is a reasonable expectation that “when the righteous are in authority the people rejoice but when the wicked rule

the people mourn. It was the wicked rulers that victimized the people of West Africa in the Atlantic Slave Trade, but then a “righteous one” ascended to the seat of authority, and wrongs should have been made right.

We asked God to give this “Noble Monarch” long life and that the reign be long and victorious. He did so but nothing was done about the crimes committed by the unrighteous predecessors. Victims of British crimes against humanity should have been addressed but instead, insult was added to this severe injury.

Perpetrators of crime and especially in this matter, do think that the victims can “suck it up”, or as in another sadistic expression, “get over it”.

The next generation of rats is aware of the agent that destroyed the previous and avoids ingesting that agent. It is memory being handed down from one generation to another. This design is for the sole purpose of preservation.

Memory is the soul of man and humans lack the power to erase it and to forget the unpleasant past. It is the soul that cries out for justice thus the relentless pursuit to lay hold of it.

The land of Barbuda is the only compensation that Barbudans can expect to see and none should even attempt to deny them that compensation. The entire 62 square miles of this sand bank is not nearly enough to satisfy the Spirit of Justice for the inhumane acts done to the people of Barbuda.

Whether true or not, the indelible stigma of “slave breeding farm” can never be removed from the island or the people. It is claimed that slaves were indeed shipped from the island to as far as the North American colonies.

This would have meant that children were shipped like goats to increase the size of a herd in another colony or to start a new flock, never to be heard of again; this is unforgivable wickedness. These people were indeed treated like goats.

The British Crown claimed ownership of the island and since no other assets of these criminals can be seized for the purpose of compensating their victims, the Barbudans are within their rights to lay claim to this crown asset.

Criminals who want to be the judges in their own criminal cases are unheard of in the civilized world, but such was the matter of Barbuda. The British offenders were the judges in these proceedings and ruled that the victims had no entitlement to the land but another power that was not injured in this particular matter did.

The British Crown is obligated to compensate the people of Barbuda for the crimes committed against them, but it is unlikely to be. It should be a moral expectation however for all, including Britain, for the people of Barbuda to take full possession of the lands of Barbuda as reparations for the ills suffered and none should dispute their right to do so.

It is amazing how victims of this said crime in other territories can agree with denying the Barbudans their justice by soliciting the hypocritical “British Justice System” to rule against their fellow sufferers.

The Barbuda reparations matter will always be a moral issue and will never be erased by any legal edict. “Violence against the victims” may be used to deny these people their rights but Morality will continue to support their claims, despite those who stand against it, until justice is realized and the Spirit of Justice is satisfied.


Quepit Cimple


  1. Anonymous

    One problem: Crowns lands in this present day context are lands own by the people of Antigua and Barbuda NOT King Charles III. But when all arguments fail, legal and otherwise, just pound the desk as loudly as possible.

    • Quepit Cimple

      The lands are legally owned by the government of Antigua and Barbuda, so says the criminal British ruling; morally, however, the Barbuda lands are owned by those who were victimized by the British Crown and there is no way to deny that damage.


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