Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

Lack of cleanliness affecting tourism in Antigua and Barbuda

Tourism Minister Charles Fernandez

Keeping the environment clean is a major challenge for the development of the country’s tourism sector, says Charles Fernandez, the minister responsible for that sector

“Whenever we have a holiday weekend and we saw our people going to and enjoying the beach, the next day there is a lot of garbage left behind. I think the young people must understand it is not to keep Antigua clean for the visitors, but we need to keep Antigua clean for us”

“We have the nicest people in the world, the response we get [about] our stakeholders and taxi operators are very professional, our first line tourism employees are amongst the best … [and] our people are exemplary in terms of professionalism,” Fernandez said

Meanwhile, Fernandez is hoping for a successful carnival season.

“We are still in discussions with another airline to start operating by the end of July; I met with them as recently as last week in Barbados and we are still pushing very hard. We are also speaking with Guadeloupe to see if they can allow for a ferry to bring more people from Guadeloupe and Martinique, we also spoke to Caribbean Airlines to see if we can put special flights on for Carnival weekend.

“So, we are doing everything we can to ensure that the airline is there for all who want to enjoy our carnival,” he said


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