Dear 268 Let’s Talk

I have a problem. There is a woman employed at a local bank in Antigua who just will not leave me alone.

I went into the financial institution for a loan and she and I developed a friendly relationship. She really pushed to get me that loan because I don’t think I qualified 100%.

I appreciated that and when I finally got the loan, I gifted her some money. She refused to take it because she said she was only doing her job. I agreed. A few weeks later I receive a WhatsApp message on my phone from a strange number.

It was the woman at the bank. She said she pulled my number from my loan file which I found was unethical. However, I didn’t mind. We started texting each other but it made me a little uncomfortable.

She asked me to visit her house which I refused. It’s not like I don’t think she’s attractive but I am already in a serious relationship. But she has become a nag.

I blocked and deleted her but she seems to have a zillion numbers. I don’t know what to do because it’s affecting my relationship at home.

I told her if she doesn’t stop, I will report her to the bank and tell them that she stole my private cell number from my file and is now stalking me. But times are hard and I don’t want anyone to be unemployed because of me.

What should I do?


Bankers Obsession


Dear Banker’s Obsession


Based on the sequence of your letter, I am beginning to think that you may not be the only victim of this game by this loan officer however I could be wrong.

Whichever way, it is unethical for any company to use the information of a client for their personal use. This could in fact turn out to be more serious than just an obsession.

If you feel that you have reached the end of your rope where this matter is concerned then no one can fault you if you report this to the financial institution in question and also the police


Good luck