Tutor of accident victim says he had great potential

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May 19, 2023

18-year-old Keane George of Nug Grove who died following a car crash Thursday night

One of the teachers of 18-year-old Keane George of Nug Grove who died following a car crash Thursday night said he was a student with great potential

Keane was a passenger inside a motor car that got into a collision around 2 am on Thursday 18 May on All Saints Road. He died at the Sir Lester Bird Medical Center on Friday according to police.

He was studying plumbing at the Antigua Barbuda Institute of Continuing Education

“A young man with great potential has lost his life tragically. And this is very, very sad. I just looked back at some work that he did for me in communication, and it was an excellent piece of work” his tutor Bishop Charlesworth Browne said

The allegations are that the driver of a Grey Toyota BB motor was traveling from South to North along the same road at a high speed when the driver lost control of the vehicle.

The vehicle reportedly skidded off to the Western side of the road before colliding with a concrete column.

Browne is admonishing young drivers to stay within the speed limit when traversing the roadways.

“I just want to take a moment especially to caution young people relative to being on the road…the road can be a very dangerous place to be, especially if you’re handling a vehicle or traveling in a vehicle. The speed limit in Antigua and Barbuda remains 40mph…anything above 40mph. On the highway, you’re still breaking the speed limit,” he said

“I want to encourage young people to know their lives are valuable. We have a future and we depend on them for that future. One young man who could have become an excellent plumber, he’s no longer here.

Browne also extended condolences to the family and friends and classmates of George.

The police are appealing to anyone with information surrounding the accident to contact the traffic department at Police Headquarters at 462-0125.

The police are further appealing to the driver of the vehicle to present him\herself at any police station without delay.


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