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Editorial Staff

“Anyone harboring a wounded man please come forward”-Top Cop

Police Chief Atlee Rodney is calling on any resident who may be harboring an injured man to come clean, saying that there will be serious consequences for anyone found guilty.

It is alleged that one of the men who successfully robbed a local businessman in the Woods Mall on April 21 received a gunshot wound but never presented himself at the hospital

After leaving one of the local banks at the Mall located on Friars Hill Road, a businessman who had a large sum of cash in his possession was targeted and robbed in the parking lot. He discharged a licensed firearm during the scuffle with the thieves.

The entire incident was recorded and the CCTV footage was making rounds on social media

Rodney, in an interview with the local radio station Observer, said the matter is under active investigation.

“We have made some progress. We are following some leads and hopefully, we can bring some closure to this one,” Rodney said

He said while there is no concrete proof that someone was indeed shot, Rodney said the police have like other residents heard that one of the perpetrators received a gunshot wound

“If there are persons who have that information, we need them to come and tell us. There has been an assumption that one of them was shot but we don’t have that evidence just yet. But if anyone knows about it or anyone who has an injury and is hiding somewhere, we would be happy to have a conversation with that individual,” Rodney added.

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  1. Mae

    If anyone received the shot, there should be blood drops at the crime scene or running away from the area. Mr Rodney, did your officers chrome the area properly with the K9 dogs for blood drops? No one is sure if the businessman had shot anyone when he fired his gun, it is pure speculation from the public. There are desperate medical physicians here in Antigua that would look after that gun wound for money and keep it quiet because of doctors and patient confidentiality. These uprising crimes by the young generation need to be stamped out. What are the fathers of these young men doing? Your sons are not too old to talk to. Our Heavenly Father speaks to us every day and He is our example.


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