Mold Infestation at High Court


May 22, 2023

The high profile Bruce Greenaway trial was suspended today Monday because Room 2 at the High Court; where the case is being heard, is filled with mold.

According to reports, another case was adjourned last week Friday for the same reason

It is alleged that situation is affecting judges, attorneys and other legal staff

In court today, the trial judge was seen wearing a mask, along with other staff.

Our newsroom will continue to follow that story


  1. Hill needs to go

    That woman Mrs Hill needs to go. She doesn’t care about the health if her staff or anyone else. These issues have been there for years and all she cares about is getting cases done even though it means the health of the staff. But because she husband and cutie are best if friends she just there doing as she pleases.

    • SAD



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