Editorial Staff
9 months ago

Editorial Staff
9 months ago

Syrian Men Allegedly Issue Harrowing Warning to Antigua: Allah Will Avenge Our Brother’s Death

A group of men who are claiming to be Syrians living outside of Antigua and Barbuda has reportedly sent a clear message to Antigua, saying that Allah, the God they serve, will take revenge for the killing of one of their own.

In a screenshot-type email that is making rounds on social media dubbed: Syria Stong, the writer who seemingly signed his name in Arabic said “May Allah have mercy on these criminals in Antigua”

The letter further states that “you will be dealt with severely by higher forces in ways in which you cannot begin to imagine”.

The letter ended by warning Antiguans that “All that obeah and science song you listen, you will see how real it can get”

Our newsroom could NOT authenticate the letter.

Roudi Shmaly (photo Credit Facebook)

Syrians have been crying out following the killing of 25-year-old Roudi Shmlay.

Shmlay was shot in the head and died at the scene during a robbery at a small supermarket.

Residents and Syrians alike who knew the slain man said he was a beautiful soul.



  1. Anonymous

    Gaston best send all of them home and don’t let in no more because they may come for all of us, rip to the innocent man that got killed

    • FrankS

      Send home the Syrians? Such a dunce statement. One man killed the Syrian superette manager, so revenge is for one man only.
      Some people can write so real 🐂💩.

      • Anonymous

        Exactly whoever did it rass must not go to jail and eat tax payer money

    • Mea

      Gaston and Cutie can both go with them to Syria. They’re all kiss bodies.

      • So many questions

        Revenge should be on the perp and his family, not the entire nation. Roudi was a friend to many of us Antiguans. His death has hurt us as deeply as if he was family.

      • Curtis Browne

        The police and the government needs to pass a law on the wearing of hoodies because this is what the criminals use to commit crimes and the Caribbean needs to bring back hanging

    • Mytre

      You unbelievably dunce with this statement I hope that some form of intelligence reaches your soul soon.

  2. FrankS

    Kinda pointless. The police have the alleged killer, so… the only punishment for him would be 20 years in jail.
    Judges are giving very light sentences now for murder and rape, so we don’t expect and more than that.
    The revenge of Allah would have to get into the jail.

  3. Love for my country

    Our government is poor because Syrians are rich, maybe Allah will address that inbalance at the same time.

  4. I See You

    Antigua is a small island with Syrians Chinese Africans British …..etc., yet it’s EXTREMELY SEGREGATED! That young man that killed the Syrian also a young man could’ve easily offered that young man a job to make money instead of stealing and murder! Now both lives are lost and why??? Because WE don’t look out for one another. Syrians only hire their own people, Chinese only hire Chinese, and the list goes on…….it’s ok to accept our money for your goods but to hire you in my establishment that’s a HUGE NO! This behavior won’t stop till we all realize WE NEED EACH OTHER TO SURVIVE!!! Your stores and goods means NOTHING without Antiguans Africans Chinese Caucasians ……etc to purchase your goods to keep food on your tables, drive your fancy cars, live in your houses on hills, place your children in private schools……etc. Antigua need to CLEAN HOUSE starting with GASTON BROWN the black HITLER if our lives were left up to him, he’d burn the whole Island and save his own family…sad😢.

    • Anonymous

      They want the black dollars but NOT the black people. It’s sad that that man got killed to bring this problem to everyone’s attention.
      #theyexploit lackpeople

  5. Anonymous

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist or a tech specialist to realize that this is constructed and fake….


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