Editorial Staff
9 months ago

Editorial Staff
9 months ago

Have you seen Noah Hurst?

Hurst, who resides at Lightfoot with his parents, was last seen on the evening of Tuesday 23rd

The family of 24-year-old Noah Hurst is issuing an urgent appeal for help in locating his whereabouts.

Hurst, who resides at Lightfoot with his parents, was last seen on the evening of Tuesday 23 when his family was preparing to retire for the evening.

His mother Maria Hurst said her Noah is usually the only one who makes the last checks in the home in the evenings to ensure the home is secured.

she said that after retiring for the evening she got up the Wednesday morning and prepared for work as usual.

However, she did not bother to check on her son as he was expected to be home after having completed his six months contract at Veg International the day prior and was waiting to hear whether that period would be extended.

The family became worried days later when all calls to his phone went answered and he was nowhere in sight when they checked his room.

Even more, alarming his shoes and clothing were still intact and the said cellular phone was in his bedroom on silent and disconnected from the WIFI.

“Up to the Thursday morning I went to work I kept calling and was not getting any answer. The Thursday afternoon after finishing work I went to the police headquarters and made a report and made a statement, they took the report and said they would call me but no one did,” the distraught woman said.

“The Friday morning my Husband and I made another report with CID and another at the All-Saints Police station after church. While I was home Sunday, the police from All Saints came and they have been coming since,” she added.

She stated further that his phone was also handed over to the police.

Hurst said they were frightened to see his phone was still in the room noting that her son is very attached to the device.

She also explained she is not sure what he may be wearing as the last time he was seen he was dressed only in a boxer, which is, his usual attire while at home.

“In his bedroom, all his shoe is here, and all his slippers are also here, so I am not sure that he has on. I am wondering why he would go anywhere without his phone,” the distraught mother said.

A search so far conducted by the boy’s father and several others in nearby areas has also been unsuccessful thus far.

Hurst said while her son is accustomed to leaving the home at regular intervals, he is always in communication with his family.

Noah Hurst is about five feet, 11 inches in height, and weighs between 135 and 145 lbs.

Anyone with information surrounding his whereabouts is asked to contact the nearest police station, his mother Maria Hurst at 772-8018 or his father Ivan Hurst 784-0060.

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  1. Mea

    Praying for this parent, especially the mother. I can imagine the pain she is feeling. A mother’s pain for her child is like giving birth all over again. My mother does say having child labour pain isn’t as bad as when your child is no more. I pray and hope that he is found soon.
    Praying for Antigua and Barbuda! Something seriously is happening in this country, especially among our youth. The dark forces of evil are hovering over our country and snatching our youth people one by one. We say as parents, Satan no more enough is enough. Our children are God’s masterpiece and they will rise up and serve God not you Satan, in Jesus Christ name. Amen.


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