Editorial Staff
9 months ago

Editorial Staff
9 months ago

Courtroom allergens still being treated as High Court remains closed

The High Court will remain closed a little while longer, as the government continues to facilitate what they say is the “treatment of courtrooms for allergens”

The court closed last week after staff reported feeling unwell due to the presence of what appeared to be mold.

As a result, a number of cases had to be pushed back, including the high-profile murder trial of Bruce Greenaway

Legal Affairs Minister Steadroy Benjamin said the court would resume duties yesterday, however, the court informed through a statement yesterday that all matters in the Criminal Division are adjourned until Monday, June 5, while all matters in the Civil and Family Division will continue to be heard remotely unless otherwise stated.

Work is still ongoing in the courtroom to ensure that it is safe for those who utilize it.


  1. Truth Teller

    The AG has known about the problem for ages. Hats off to the staff for standing their ground.
    The next order of business is to clear the backlog of rape kits and samples to be tested……Antigua owes the labs in Jamaica and Barbados which is why the samples are untested.

  2. Can't stand wicked and badminded humans

    People want their children maintenance money. The high Court is closed so how are parents to get the money they are depending on to fed their children?


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