Editorial Staff
9 months ago

Editorial Staff
9 months ago

LETTER: Wife Demands Husband Work-Schedule from Police Commissioner

Dear Editor

Please allow me to use this forum to make a formal request to the Police Commissioner of Antigua and Barbuda Mr. Atlee Rodney, to make available, the “authentic” work schedule of police officers accessible to their spouse

I say this because I am married to an officer whom I hardly see in this house and his alibi is always “work work work”.

Who can work seven days a week 24 hours a day and still come home with chicken feed at the end of the month that can hardly take care of their family?

For the past six months, we have only seen the back of this man’s neck. He is always out the door and his excuse is always work.

Whenever I call, he never answers. He doesn’t return calls and he is somehow always “in the bushes on a big drug move”

It cannot be right for these men and women to be so overworked and occupied that they have no time for their families.

My husband always comes home with sweet fragrances especially when he worked double shifts (or so he says). His excuse the last time was that he was intervening in a fight between a couple at a nightclub and the woman’s perfume probably stayed on his body

Mr Commissioner, my family is suffering. I asked for two things today. That you look at the working hours of police officers with families and structure it in such a way that it is balanced

I also ask that you make the work shift available to spouses so, just like the children’s timetable, we can stick it on the refrigerator

When we got married the pastor said we are ONE. Sharing his work time-table with me is only the right thing to do

I don’t want to believe my loving, caring, kind, and statesman husband would be lying to his family so I would like to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Please make it mandatory that this is done sir, because there could be consequences if I find out that my whole life has been a lie

Thank you, sir.


  1. Anonymous

    Desperate housewife

    • Dalden

      Desperate house wife. That is the life. I am a child of an officer. They are always on duty as far as I’m concerned. Just imagine the day of my first communion, my parent was called out of church to work!!! This is a Sunday no less. Every parent looks forward to seeing their child partake in this “rite of passage.” I was upset! No photos to show , other children smiling with their parents posing for photos all I did was go home in a slump, cut my cake and waited till about 5.00 when they got home to an apology of” You know how it is!” NO!!! I AM YOUR CHILD. SO, WHEN I GET MARRIED YOU GOING TO LEAVE ME AT THE CHURCH FOR WORK????????????????Other occasions were missed because of “work”.

      On the other hand, from what I am reading, it seems like your spouse is taking advantage of his “work” duties to live a double life.

      I strongly suggest you have a serious sit down with your husband and be mindful of your approach. Don’t be combative in expressing your views/opinions. Gently remind him that after he retires, he has to have a life also. The mantra is Police once Civilian twice. Take to heart what I suggested, express your concerns,

      • Been there done that

        These comments are hilarious 😂 but I think he cheating too hunny the red flags are there, you eyes chunky or what? when people show you who dey be , believe 💯 the evidence right there, the commissioner has way more on his hands than your husband, go pray and get counseling or leave de no good man. I don’t know how you all does see all dem signs and still looking for answers, advantage nar done, best of wishes to you

  2. Just saying

    My girl sorry to say but Mr have another woman.

    • Ann marcia

      No body work that 7days a week. something or someone he put before his family

  3. Milton

    As a police officer myself I can honestly say he is lying. He has another woman of perhaps a man. Either way stop being so gullible to the lies and do your own research. Majority if not all male police officers find them selves with other bad influences within the force that encourages them to cheat, steal,lie and consume heavy alcohol. So there you have it the TRUTH.

    • Anonymous

      I like the honesty in the comment.

  4. Anonymous

    Trust your instincts hun

  5. Dario Item


  6. Joseph Grinder

    Hi there. I share your concern. I’m a male police officer and if he’s not doing his job, I can! Me na sorry for Dem. Officers keep your eye on your wives or I will watch them for you.

    Yours Truly,
    Joe Grind!


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