Editorial Staff
9 months ago

Editorial Staff
9 months ago

Taking our Cultural Heritage Under the Sea – Discovering the Tank Bay Shipwreck in the Dockyard

Residents are asked to turn out at the Nelson’s Dockyard National Park to attend a lecture organized to present the findings surrounding the discovery of the Tank Bay Shipwreck and its Underwater Cultural Heritage Programme, located within the Dockyard.

It is being presented in partnership with East Carolina University and will focus on the importance of preserving underwater cultural heritage sites, with the aim of revealing the stories surrounding the shipwreck and the unceasing efforts of the National Park, to protect our underwater cultural resources.

The Heritage Department is making its second findings on the Tank Bay Shipwreck known.

 “This is a world-class discovery with a compelling story tying together Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and Antigua.  It is the only site of this kind ever found in the world and it is here in English Harbour.” Dr. Christopher Waters Manager of the Heritage Department said in a press statement

Meanwhile, Park Commissioner Ann Marie Martin remarked that “we sit on an incredible amount of history and culture on our small islands. I continue to be amazed and proud of the depth of work and research completed by the Heritage Department of the National Park. I am certain that their findings will be of huge interest to all Antiguans and Barbudans. Hearing this level of history firsthand is important for us to understand the importance of preserving and documenting our history.”

The lecture will be hosted at the Events Centre at the Nelson’s Dockyard National Park, on June 15 at 6:00 pm and is free to the general public.


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