Editorial Staff
9 months ago

Editorial Staff
9 months ago

Shugy remains MP for St Mary’s South After Speaker Rejects Resignation

Speaker of the House of Assembly Sir Gerald Watt KC says he cannot accept the resignation of Kelvin “Shugy” Simon, the Opposition Parliamentary Representative for St Mary’s South.

Watts said Simon’s resignation letter dated June 07th does not conform with several sections of the constitution. This means that Simon remains as the MP for St Mary’s South

The Speaker said however Simon can resubmit his resignation letter which conforms with 41 (1) e of the constitution.

Simon, according to the Speaker would have to cut his allegiance to the United Progressive Party.

“He would have to say that he is resigning and indicate in a manner that I find to be credible. It would have to say that he had severed allegiance to the party that elected him,”

“Because the letter of resignation has not conformed with the constitution, he has not resigned and therefore if he has not resigned, then it is my view that he continues to be a member of St Mary’s South,” the Speaker told State Media

The House Speaker said he is willing to have a sit-down with Simon and his attorneys about the matter

“But whoever advised him to just resign either did not look at the law or looked at 125 and took a lay persons to view that it was sufficient to enable him to do so,” he added

Click SCN_0007 to read a copy of Sir Gerald Watts’s response to Simon.

It was also copied to Prime Minister Gaston Browne and Leader of the UPP Jamal Pringle.


  1. Chaplain

    Antigua is now OFFICIALLY a circus…May the prayers of the faithful turn the hands of the Almighty to do what only He can do!

  2. Mae

    All this merry-go-round is more confusing. The best thing is to have a by-election and let the people choose again who they want to represent in parliament.
    Gaston, Cutie and Samantha already have the judge they want to handle the case and grant it in Samantha’s favour. The speaker of the house, Gerald Watts, has to reject the resignation letter from Shuggy else he will be fired from the speaker of the lower house. Gaston has all of them eating out of his hand. Antigua and Barbuda has not seen the true Gaston yet, and you don’t want to either. He is not going to stop until he gets what he wants to carry out his evil plans for the people and the country.

  3. Burke James

    Ok so the big heads of the UPP didn’t see the light to do the proper thing. I think they have erred big-time. Their err is going to be the demise of the Antigua people. How could an error like that be made? Then they make another error into telling the man to resign. Did they not know the rules… gimme a break


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