Editorial Staff
9 months ago

Editorial Staff
9 months ago

AG says the Sale of Alfa Nero Still On

Attorney General Steadroy Benjamin says an injunction filed in court yesterday, will not stop the sale of the Alfa Nero

On Wednesday, the alleged owners of the Alfa Nero applied to the Court of Appeal for an order to halt the auction of the vessel.

“The chambers were served earlier today and I am not too concerned about this because the application has no merit and I don’t see that this will impede the sale of the Alfa Nero at all,” Benjamin said

Benjamin also claimed that the move was a stalling tactic that will not work.

The Superyacht is expected to be auctioned on Friday at the Treasury Building at 10 o’clock. The government seized the yacht recently after it was abandoned in the Falmouth Habour for over a year.

Last week the High Court gave the alleged owners of the Alfa Nero permission to seek a judicial review of the government’s proposed sale of the luxury vessel.

Andrew O’Kola, the attorney representing the yacht’s alleged owners, said his clients are pleased that the High Court granted permission for judicial review on the basis that the proposed sale of the yacht may be unlawful, but disappointed that the High Court did not also grant an injunction to stop the sale going ahead until the legality of what the government is proposing can be properly considered by the courts.

“We are therefore asking the Court of Appeal to grant an emergency injunction. To be clear, however, whether the auction goes ahead tomorrow or not, anyone intending to bid for the yacht needs to know that the government’s argument that it has the legal power to transfer ownership of the yacht to a purchaser is still the subject of an ongoing challenge in the courts.”

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  1. Hallelujah Amen

    The sale of this motor boat will land Antigua and Barbuda in hot water. Watching and waiting to see the end of this saga


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