Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Editorial Staff
8 months ago

About Last Night: CSEC Top Performers Awarded Red Carpet Style

One hundred and fifty 2022 CSEC top performers were awarded last night-red carpet style; thanks to the Ministry of Education, Sport, and Creative Industries alongside long-standing title sponsor ACB Caribbean

And while many have trouble pronouncing his name there was absolutely no struggle in believing that Chidindu Ohaegbulam would walk away with the first-place Award

The St Joseph’s Academy students achieved 22 grade 1s and 1 grade 2, for a total of 23 subjects.

Chidindu, when he took to the podium, said It’s absolutely insane to assume that any of this could have possibly been done without the brilliant and diligent work of the numerous hands that played their roles in constructing this event.

“So on behalf of all the awardees who wish to express their gratitude to every single one of you who made tonight such a momentous occasion, allow me to verbalize our appreciation. In receiving these awards, we received a symbolic representation of the sleepless nights. The headaches. The tears. Heck, the vomit…that we spent obtaining the results that we did from the time-consuming SBA’s that we had to tackle to the hours and hours of candle-burning cars, running past papers…” he said

He said he could have achieved his excellence without God Most High.

“I want to start by thanking God for the graces and mercies He has shown in our journeys through some very tough times…” he added.

Zion Williams of the Baptiste Academy stood tall in second place with 12 gade 1s and in third place was another student of the St Joseph Academy; Ghais Zraibi who received passes in 21 subjects, 13 of which were Grade 1s.

In second place was Baptist Academy’s Zion Williams with 17 Grade 1s , and in third position, Ghais Zraibi of St Joseph’s Academy with passes in 21 subjects, 13 of which were Grade 1.

Senior Manager of the Antigua Commercial Bank Efiah Norbert Charlemagne, delivered remarks on behalf of the sponsor.

She admonished students about the risks involved with the consumption of social media, and its highly addictive nature, and the many negative effects this can have on developing minds.

Norbert Charlemagne also commended the awardees for their achievements in the face of adversity and temptation.

 “As you grapple with all of this, your success at CSEC is testimony to your fortitude, focus and maturity. You were able to minimize these distractions, and remain committed to achieving your personal success – for this you deserve resounding congratulations. It cannot have been easy”. 

The award was held in the face of a spike in crimes committed by young offenders in Antigua & Barbuda.


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