Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Verandah to Become Couples-Only Resort; Some Residents Are Not Happy

Verandah Resort & Spa in Antigua and Barbuda won the 2022 Caribbean Travelers Awards for the Best Family Resort in the Caribbean

After winning several awards including the 2022 Caribbean Travelers Awards for the Best Family Resort in the Caribbean, Verandah Resort & Spa in Antigua and Barbuda will now be transformed into a couples-only hotel.

This means that children are no longer allowed at the resort.

The new decision is expected to take effect soon with transformation works to begin in the coming weeks

The hotel prides itself in being the perfect resort where families can dine, having an activity center for children, and other special effects to ensure the little ones are safe when vacationing.

“We loved going there as a family. The children could play while the adults get to experience adult things. Even in the dining rooms, the chairs are designed for toddlers. The bedrooms are fitted with cribs for babies…I will miss that experience with my children,” one woman said

The resort is owned by major hotelier Rob Barrett, who also owns a chain of hotels in Antigua and who recently invested millions in the Jolly Beach Hotel.

Under an arrangement with the government, Barrett refurbished 100 rooms at the Jolly Beach Resort.

Many believe that the businessman may want guests to divert to Jolly Beach as their choice for family vacations which is a far cry from Verandah and of course, a little less harsh on the pockets

“But who says we want to be at Jolly Beach? When you are at Verandah with your family, you feel safe. I hope they reconsider their decision,” another woman expressed

Adding, “It is a perfect place for family. A number of the other hotels are already adults-only. Is the management saying when we come on vacation or we do day passes or just take a staycation that we leave the little ones behind? The whole idea is to have families together”

Another woman who usually organizes family gatherings at Verandah every year said she was shocked when she called the hotel to make reservations two weeks ago

“My sisters and their children are coming here in November. The whole clan. Husbands, wives, children…and I called as usual to make my reservations and I was told that I would have to select another resort since Verandah will now be adults only. I am still recovering from the shock”, she said chuckling.

Reports are that the Antigua and Barbuda Workers Union have been in discussions with the management of Verandah Resort and Spa to discuss workers’ severance.

Sources say the staff may have to be downsized or transferred to other hotels owned by the Elite Island Group.

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  1. michael whitehouse

    Mr. Barrett has resigned as of 30 June , 2023 as the General Manager of Verandah, et.al. . New bean counter group has sacked many employees there.

    june, 2023


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