Editorial Staff
9 months ago

Editorial Staff
9 months ago

Garbage Collection to improve shortly

By Abigayle McIntosh

The government has given yet another assurance that garbage collection in communities across the island will improve weeks after an unavailability of trucks caused major interruptions in the regular schedule.

Residents have complained about going weeks on end with unsightly and smelly garbage piling up and not being collected.

Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff Lionel Max Hurst providing an update during Thursday’s post-Cabinet press briefing indicated that improvement will be coming in the next couple of days.

Let me report that the Minister of Health was not present at the Cabinet meeting  he is away attending at SIDs conference in Barbados  but never the less the information reaching cabinet  is that many more trucks have been deployed to address the situation in communities and villages,” Hurst told reporters.

He also outlined that the situation is worst in the rural communities and not necessarily the Capital St John’s.


“In St Johns it seems not to be a problem but outside of St Johns it appears some of the operators are unclear about the different routes”.


“Because of this some drivers collect garbage from the main routes but do not go into the villages. There might still be some pockets that have not seen the trucks with the same regularities as is customary but we can assure them that a solution is at hand and they will see the disappearance of any accumulated garbage within a short period of time


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