Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Man who was said to be stalking his ‘friend with benefits’ remanded

​By  Zaya Williams


A man is currently in prison after he allegedly threatened to kill his ‘friend with benefits’ after the relationship ended.

The man and the complainant were reportedly friends with benefits at one point but ended the arrangement when the defendant started to behave strangely, stalking her and discussing their personal affairs.

It is said that on the night of June 12, the complainant was walking home from work when the defendant spotted her while driving past in a jeep.

He reportedly stopped and said something to her but she could not hear him because she was wearing headphones.

Reports state that she got scared and proceeded to walk away but that reportedly prompted him to drive past her, park the vehicle and approach her.

She reportedly saw him go back to the jeep and return with a screwdriver which he allegedly waved while threatening to kill her.

She is said to have gotten scared and ran screaming for help while he continued to follow behind her.

It wasn’t until she went into someone’s yard that he fled.

She then called the police who investigated the matter and later charged him with using threatening language and being armed with an offensive weapon.

The man, who is said to be known to the court for similar offenses, was granted station bail until his court hearing but while free he is said to have interfered with the complainant again.

So, when he appeared in court Monday, he was remanded until August 15.


  1. Anonymous

    That benefits she got tie the poor basterd

  2. Ras Smood

    why was he granted bail if he’s a known offender?


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