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8 months ago

Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Pastor Garvin Otto Remanded to Prison: Mixed Feelings from the Church

Pastor Garvin Otto Remanded to Prison

A few people who worship at the church associated with Pastor Garvin Otto have used social media to express concerns over his latest debacle saying that he should not be tossed into the fire stake because he sinned.

However, others have been disgusted by the allegations leveled against the well-known preacher.

“Pastor Otto may have gotten involved in this mess but so many people are in messy situations. What is your mess?’, a woman posted on Facebook, claiming that she knows Otto from church

“Many people idolize pastors. They are humans. They are expected to know better yes but Pastor Otto is just a man,” another woman wrote.

But others did not want Pastor Otto to go unpunished.

“I think because he holds the title of pastor the keys should bring thrown away. Hiding behind the bible, as old people would say”, one man said on social media.

“The man is a chequered pastor”, another wrote

Today, Pastor Otto was remanded to prison after a new charge was added to the list of his alleged offenses.

He was charged with fraudulent conversion on Monday relating to the sale of a 40-foot container

Court reports indicate that Pastor Otto was paid $15,000 to purchase the container but never delivered the item

Last week our newsroom reported that Pastor Otto, a well-known man who proclaims to be a disciple of Jesus Christ was facing several criminal charges for reportedly scamming many residents over two years

The 41-year-old All Saint’s resident is charged with fraudulent conversion and obtaining money by false pretenses as heard in court yesterday.

In one of the accusations, Otto reportedly accepted $16,000 from a woman in exchange for two 40ft storage containers in February 2021 but reports are that the woman never received the containers even several months later

It is alleged that the woman contacted Otto who repaid her by cheque which bounced.

Otto, according to the complainant was shocked that his account had insufficient funds.

He then delivered one container to the woman. The second was reportedly never obtained.

But the accusations against the pastor thickened when another allegation was leveled against him, claiming that between July 4 and August 26, 2022, he exchanged several cheques at the Bridge Service station totaling over $20,000.

Just like what happened to the woman, all the cheques bounced and were returned to the gas station owner for insufficient fund

In October last year, police officers obtained a search warrant for Ottos home but they reported that when they got there, he jumped a fence and ran into the bushes

But police pursued him and later apprehended him. When they searched his home, several cheque stubs and receipts were found in his private dwelling

But the accusations against Pastor Otto kept coming fast and furious, when on On July 13 last year, he allegedly convinced another individual to purchase building materials from him.

Reports are that he bought and delivered the building materials costing around $30,000 then told the individual that he needed money to “clear the others”

The “man of God” was allegedly paid $99,000 but never provided the materials.

Ottos, in an attempt to repay the complainant, gave him a $69,000 cheque which, like many others, had bounced.

And things kept getting worst for Pastor Otto when in September 2022, he overheard a conversation at a bar between two men.

The conversation was about needing building materials and Otto reportedly quickly sprang into action, saying that he could purchase steel at a discount, given that he was a pastor.

The man, like many others who trust men of the cloth, allegedly paid $16,000 for four bundles of steel but only received two.

Otto appeared in the St John’s Magistrate’s Court last week and was served his case file; a very thick one at that.

He is expected to return to court on July 6 for his committal hearing.


  1. Art

    So his wife and children were living in luxury off people’s money? Driving around a hundred thousand dollars vehicle. Look how this pastor has brought shame and disgrace to his family. He should have try hard to practice what he preach. I hope he take time to reflex on what he had done.

    • Anonymous

      Did someone tell you that he has wife and family? Or you just came to that conclusion all by yourself?

  2. Art

    So his wife and children were living in luxury off people’s money? Driving around a hundred thousand dollars vehicle. Look how this pastor has brought shame and disgrace to his family. He should have try hard to practice what he preach. I hope he take time to reflex

  3. Steve Benjamin

    I see Antigua is overflowing with Gods!

    Some Judge you, some judge and execute while others just plain love to judge for the sake of jealousy. “Driving $100,000,00 automobile”


  4. Julie

    This is disgusting to say the least-and anyone who’s upset over comments that anyone makes about him should also be ashamed
    This is someone who has used God’s name to live a complete lie.. He will not only be judged by Man but also by God.Shameful..

  5. Dr C

    For the love of money is the root of all of evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

  6. Curious


  7. A. Theist

    Well, all this would probably not have happened if Gavin would have been an atheist.

    Cause then he wouldn’t have had any god that could give him forgiveness, so he would have to behave.


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