Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Team Row4ALSFamilies Exits Pacific Row, Team Antigua Rows On

Credit World’s Toughest Row

​By Aabigayle McIntosh


The conditions of the Pacific Ocean have forced at least one of the 20 teams participating in the inaugural Pacific Atlantic Campaign to drop out.

Team Row4ALS Families said they were exiting the race and were heading back to California because “the conditions have been really difficult and the team made the agonizing decision to head back to safety. We will share more as we can”.

A post later shared on the World Toughest Row’s Facebook due to personal issues, they are sad to announce that team Row4ALS have had to make the decision to terminate their row across the Pacific and head back to land.

“Tim, Dale, and Abel have valiantly forged forward for as long as possible, however, to ensure the safest possible recovery, the team is now rowing back into the San Louis Obisbo Harbor, where they will be met by an Atlantic Campaigns representative and assisted with recovery and return,” the post read.

“The World’s Toughest Row is certainly just that – all teams leave land being the best prepared, well trained, and ready as they can be, but the fight with Mother Nature, the body and mind are real. As always, our Safety Team are in constant contact with Row4ALS and will ensure they return to land safely, are well looked after upon arrival, and return to their hometown to be reunited with family and supporters,” it continued.

Team Antigua, Island Girls comprising Samara Emanuel, Kevinia Francis, and Christal Clashing are among the teams participating in the row across the Pacific.

Meantime, the trio, like others in the fleet also encountered a setback following good tailwinds and progress over the weekend.

Monday morning, they shared this morning the direction of the winds and the waves are at odds, constantly sending the boat sideways and in other unwanted directions.

However, the rowers are working hard to right the course.

There was also a knockdown when a wave on top of a swell tipped the boat. The team broke an oar and had to redouble efforts to get back in the right direction in the horrible conditions.

The Antiguan women are rowing to raise money for the establishment of a home for girls in conflict with the law.


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