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8 months ago

Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Local Church Bans Cannabis Smokers From Being Godparents

Bishop Charlesworth Browne

Source NewsCo


The Christian Ministries Centre has taken a bold decision to reject marijuana smokers as godparents of any child being christened or dedicated at the St John’s-based church.

The rule applies to both males and females.

Traditionally, godparents are considered to be among the most important people at a christening, as they promise to support and stand in for the parents if the need arises, as well as to encourage their godchildren to grow in the Christian faith.

Fulfilling these important roles is the driving force behind the decision of the organisation’s head, Bishop Charlesworth Browne, who has decided to ban weed smokers from taking on those responsibilities.

“We do have a session with godparents before the day of the infant dedication, and we have taken the bold step to make a declaration that anyone who is a marijuana smoker cannot be the sponsor of a child for infant dedication,” Bishop Browne told Observer.

He said there is often pushback from young people when their parents caution them about the use of ganja, and that if the children’s godparents are using the herb, that in itself is a conflict of interest.

“Godparents ought to be helping the parents with the godly upbringing, the Christian upbringing and all that augurs for the fullness of human flourishing … but we have seen to be so destructive the reckless marijuana use,” he explained.

Bishop Browne admitted that there are “other things” that are critical to the matter, but the church will begin with the use of cannabis.

“We have taken a bold step to make a declaration and we want the entire community to know that at the Christian Ministries Centre, when it comes to the offering up — as we call it sometimes — of children, the dedication of our children, and where it relates to godparents or sponsors, a person cannot be a sponsor, cannot be a godparent, if he or she is a marijuana smoker. That’s a settled matter as it stands today,” he added.

There has been a move in recent years to decriminalise marijuana around the world, with Antigua and Barbuda among some Caribbean countries already allowing its use for medicinal purposes. Small amounts can also be used for personal consumption.

Antigua and Barbuda recently became one of the first Caribbean nations to grant Rastafari official sacramental authorisation to grow the herb.

For decades, Rastafarians have been persecuted and jailed for using marijuana.


  1. Teacher For Life

    This is a bunch of boligne! God made ganja and planted it in the fields. It’s an herb for our healing and it’s a shame how brainwashed we still are in this day and age when more harmful to society are the synthetic poisons being prescribed and consumed as medicine each and every day, resulting in big farmer and it’s cohorts growing richer and richer. Will you ban alcoholics from being godparents as well for we know the damage that does to the liver, and to society at large.

    • Patty

      What’s next saying gays and lesbians cant stand as god parents? O that anyone with a criminal record can’t either?

  2. Teacher For Life


  3. Darlene

    Why don’t you go ahead and ban anyone who smokes anything (cigarettes, cigars…) or anyone who consumes alcohol, or meat, or sugar…this is the dumbest shit… so ignorant.

    • Daulton

      So says the brainwashed guy with a Bible in his hand. I swear, his brain cells are eroding by the day. Should be criminal to brainwash our children with the Christ Story.

  4. Osborne Ursula

    How about those who consume alcohol… those who have sex out of marriage as some of the parents whose babies you are “dedicating”… see how foolish all of it is…by this definition you will have to ban the whole congregation since I’m sure they are all in some matter morally corrupt 🤦🏽‍♀️

  5. Wynham Greenaway

    The dogma of religion, feeds to the confusion of the mind into disruptive sense of polarization of prudent society; by posturing Orators assigning judgemental control, akin to God’s vs Demi-Gods: And no regards for the State and manner of the wellbeing of Man. But, for the sake of the myopic mantra of one’s religion, and not of concern for the individual personal relationship with the Creator.

  6. Anonymous National

    Let’s ban all clergy who are PREDATORS from the pulpit.

  7. Teacher For Life

    Anonymous National AMEN!!!

  8. Anonymous

    This man have on the gay colours the rainbow 🌈 he need 2 get ban from all church ⛪️

  9. Anonymous

    Ban ya son cuz he smoke more herb than rasta ya chupit skunt and this man have the heart to say that wearing lgbt colors??? Tarll mannn u need to get crucify with ya confused RH


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