Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Man accused of beating school principal denies the allegations

By Zaya Williams

A father who is alleged to have attacked and injured the Principal of Mary E Piggott Primary School says that he did no such thing.

The man, Michael Samuel, is facing three criminal charges: behaving in a threatening manner, battery and malicious damage in relation to Reverend Christopher Roberts — an Anglican minister in addition to his school duties.

The defendant’s son was suspended from the school a few days prior and the father is said to have showed up to the school angry and attacked the principal from behind.

The single parent of Bathlodge alleged that his son was beaten by the principal to the point where he needed medical attention and that when he went to the school to enquire into the matter, the principal sought to leave the school premises without meeting with him.

But the prosecution believes that the man just showed up to the institution and began beating Roberts.

It is said to be the second time Samuel had confronted Roberts.

But since the accused pleaded not guilty, the prosecution will have to prove that he did commit the crimes in a trial in August.


  1. White rabbit

    So if u whoop my child. Make sure u can take an ass whooping. Seems legit. But in all honesty. The principal was not whopped. He saw the man and was startled. He fell and the man helped him up.

  2. Anonymous


  3. Teacher For Life

    There is punishment and then there is cruelty. If the allegations are true and the child needed medical attention after being beaten by said principal, then I don’t blame this father. I would be beating the brakes off him my damn self over my child!!


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