Editorial Staff
9 months ago

Editorial Staff
9 months ago

Pacific Rowers Moving Despite Challenges


By Aabigayle McIntosh


It has been roughly ten days, today, since Team Antigua Island girls and 13 other teams set off from Monterey Harbour, California, and began their journey to Kauai Hawaii.

The crews so far have encountered their own share of setbacks after finding themselves caught in an eastward current and unfavorable wind.

The conditions forced team Row4ALSfamilies on Monday to make the difficult decision to drop out of the race and head back to safety. On Tuesday another team Flying Fish were waiting patiently for the conditions to calm down to allow them safety to replace their lost rudder.

Replacing the rudder, according to the organizers of the campaign, is no small feet as it requires donning an immersion suit life jacket, and securing themselves with double lines. As they are still on temporary hold, the team has been using the time wisely, staying prepared and ready to get back on track.

As for the Island Girls, up to 6 pm on Wednesday they were coming in hot behind the leading trio, Row Aurora, leaving it all to play for.

While they are fatigued and battling seasickness and other challenges on the journey, Kevinia Francis, Christal Clashing, and Samara Emanuel are plowing through embodying the spirit of persistence.

In a video message Wednesday, the team members, more specifically Emanuel, expressed gratitude to their sponsors, donors, family friends and well-wishers, and others who are rooting for them.

The team is rowing to raise funds to go towards the establishment of a home for girls in conflict with the law and other associated costs.

Members of the public could contribute through their GoFundMe page, an account at the Caribbean Union Bank, or by contacting their support team at 736-6068.


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