Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Shugy says he is motivated by the people he represents

​By Aabigayle McIntosh


“Accepting the good with the bad that is the way I live my life”, was the response St Mary’s South MP Kelvin Simon gave to someone who questioned how he and his team stay motivated despite the cloud of doubt that hangs over his political career.

“When the good comes I rejoice, when the bad comes I accept it because there is a lesson in every experience. The lesson in this situation for me I really do not know what it is as yet but I know I will definitely get the answer sometime in the future,” he later shared while addressing a Townhall meeting this week.

The newly minted opposition United Progressive Party (UPP) political has faced challenges from the very first day he was nominated as a political candidate up until he was elected MP in the January 18th general elections.

The eligibility of his nomination was called into question as he was a civil servant at the time of his nomination as a UPP candidate even though he resigned from his position as a Guidance Counsellor within the Ministry of Sports a fortnight before the polls.

The matter made its way to court and in order to avoid what the St Mary’s South MP described a lengthy court battle he submitted a letter of resignation to Speaker of the House Sir Gerald Watt KC paving the way for a by-election to be called in 120 days.

The House Speaker rejected the letter saying it did not conform with certain provisions of the constitution and was therefore of no legal effect. He has since penned a second letter to Sir Gerald asking him to reconsider his position noting that the correct procedures were followed with the initial letter.

“What is happening is bigger than me and the people are keeping me motivated. The fact that I am accountable to the people, it keeps me going,” the MP concluded.

While Sir Gerald is yet to respond to the second letter the opposition party is bracing for a by-election and has expressed confidence that Simon will beat his contender Senator Samantha Marshall by an even bigger margin.

He received almost 200 more votes the last time around.


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