Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Government Attorney says he is pleased with Privy Council ruling on Alfa Nero injunction

A prominent member of the government’s legal team is reacting to the recent decision of the court as it relates to the Alfa Nero Superyacht.

Senior Counsel Anthony Astaphan said he is pleased with the Privy Council’s ruling on one of two legal filings that seek to block the sale of the vessel.

Astaphan represented the government’s interest in the lawsuit. According to him, the team here in Antigua assisted in preparing the arguments that a King’s Counsel presented before the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council.

“We sent up the submissions we did at the hearing before the Judge to the King’s Counsel and he has his team did a good job in getting the case put forward in writing to the Privy Council.

“They refused to grant an injunction as well and they said in so far as that particular case is concerned the only issue for a breach to be established it would then be a question about damage or compensation,” Astaphan said on Pointe FM on Saturday.

He also added that the Privy Council’s ruling vindicates a local judge’s decision to deny the injunction which was being sought by lawyers representing the company that claims ownership of the vessel.

The senior council also explained that the High Court will deliver its judgment in a separate matter brought by the daughter of the Russian oligarch who is the reputed owner of the vessel.

“We argued that she not be given a hearing at all by the court because it has no propriety interest, recognizable by the people of Antigua and Barbuda, in the vessel, and a few other arguments we were able to raise in the time given to us to get ready for the hearing. The judge listened to the submissions and he indicated on Friday that he will give his ruling on the application for the injunction on Tuesday at 9 am,” Astaphan.

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