Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Editorial Staff
8 months ago

PABRO Donates to Parham Community Clinic

​The Parham Alliance Beautification and Revitalization Organization (PABRO) continues to positively impact Parham Town by making yet another donation, in a series of ongoing donations to the Parham Community Clinic.

Nurse April Francis accepted these donations on behalf of the clinic during a community meeting held on Thursday, 22nd June, hosted by the PABRO. The donations include a much-needed sterilization autoclave, pediatric scale with height rod, toilet tissue, paper towel, masks, and sanitary items. 

Nurse Francis expressed her gratitude and excitement to utilize the equipment to improve the health care services offered at the clinic.     

This donation was made possible through the ongoing generosity of Parhamites, here at home and abroad who are fully committed to the effort of revitalizing Parham. From its inception, PABRO has received financial and non-financial contributions from community members, as it seeks to fulfill its aims.

Therefore, PABRO takes this opportunity to thank everyone for their assistance. Your actions demonstrate that Parhamites are still committed to serving their community, and together, we can realize meaningful outcomes for the benefit of Parham.

The Parham Alliance Beautification and Revitalization Organization (PABRO) is a registered non-profit organization under the Friendly Societies Act, Cap 184 of the Laws of Antigua and Barbuda, Revised Edition.

The aim and vision of the PABRO are to beautify and revitalize Parham Town. To build and sustain community capacity and self-sufficiency by developing, promoting, and advancing economic growth and viability with special emphasis on youth development, education, health, eldercare, sports, and preservation of the heritage, culture, and overall environment of Parham Town.

There is still much to be done to restore the vibrant community spirit within Parham.

PABRO invites community members to join us on this journey by becoming active members of the organization.


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