Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Drug Seizures at Deep Water Harbour & Post Office

Cannabis, weighing a total of 130 pounds, along with a quantity of ecstasy tablets were seized at Deep Water Harbour on Tuesday, 27 June.

The Police Narcotics Department and Customs conducted a joint drug operation at the main seaport and discovered 128 sealed packages of cannabis and 53 ecstasy tables inside several barrels.

The cannabis is said to value at $780,000 and the ecstasy is valued at $1,855. Additionally, a similar operation was conducted at the General Post office, also on Tuesday.

During the search, 8 pounds of cannabis were discovered. That seizure is estimated at $48,000.

The controlled substances were taken to the police station, pending further investigations.

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  1. Mae

    The news article should have said which country the shipment came from. For example, if Illegal drugs found among cargo coming out of America, the authorities there usually notify the Antigua authorities about the drugs and information on the cargo it is store in. Do the analysis in who’s drugs will be seized at Antigua port and whose would not.


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