Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Editorial Staff
8 months ago

BREAKING: High Court Judge refuses application for injunction to block completion of Alfa Nero Sale

The Alfa Nero moments after it was siezed by Antigua and Barbuda (Photo by Wayne Mariette)


A High Court judge has refused an application for an injunction to block the completion of the sale of the Alfa Nero superyacht. The applicant was Russian citizen Yulia Gurieva Motlokhov, who claims to have an ownership interest in the yacht.

This is another legal victory for the Government which had previously won in all courts when lawyers for the Flying Dutchman Overseas Limited had also failed to secure an injunction.

The Attorney General’s Chambers is now hoping to have the legal issues resolved “fairly shortly”.

The bid for the vessel has been won by American billionaire Eric Schmidt, in the amount of US$67.06M.


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