Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Former Cayman Islands premier charged with rape and indecent assault

McKeeva Bush legislator and former premier of the Cayman Islands has been charged with rape and indecent assault. He said he isn’t guilty. Lawmen in Cayman said the charges stem from 2000.

In a statement to the Associated Press, Bush called the allegations an evil plot and one malice

“All I have to say in relation to this, the latest in the series of malicious charges against me is the “Truth will come out. This is done by someone I have never had any contact with,” he said

This is not the first time that Bush has had run-ins with the law. He was investigated and found not guilty nearly a decade ago on charges including theft and abuse of office.

In 2012 he was charged for allegedly groping a female employee at a casino in Florida in 2017. The charges were later dropped

Bush also pleaded not guilty after being charged with indecently assaulting two women last year. The incident happened at a regional tourism event held in the Cayman Islands, a British overseas territory in the western Caribbean Sea. He is awaiting trial in that case.

He stepped down as premier in December 2012 after facing a no-confidence vote.

He resigned as speaker of Parliament in October 2022 following accusations of sexual harassment. He denied all allegations.


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