Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Man Accused of Forging Customs Officer’s Signature

By Zaya Williams


A new case was added to the High Court’s list for the September assizes relating to a man who allegedly forged the signature of a custom’s officer.

Sheldon Jordan is facing a forgery charge and one of uttering for allegedly pretending to be someone else by forging another man’s signature on a bill of lading.

The crime was reportedly committed on September 23, 2022 when Jordan reportedly went to the Deepwater Harbor Transit Shed with a Laparkan bill of lading cosigned to a woman and tried to clear a barrel that bore the woman’s name.

A Customs officer reportedly entered the information into the system and the document was flagged as being forged.

The officer notified his supervisor who reported the matter to the police.

It is said that although Laparkan verified that the document was handed to Jordan, the customs officer whose signature was affixed to it denied signing it.

The police conducted a thorough investigation into the matter and had a handwriting expert examine the signature.

The expert’s findings along with other documents were brought to court yesterday for the committal hearing and after reviewing the evidence, the Magistrate sent to matter up to the High Court for trial.


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