Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Minister of Works says dust suppression systems on the way

By Zaya Williams


The effort is apparently being made to mitigate the impact of quarry dust and people who live nearby.

Dust from nearby quarries has been causing misery for residents in Bendals and Burma who say it is polluting their homes and making them sick.

Many have been complaining for several years but problems have been exacerbated recently.

In April, Minister of Works Maria Browne, reported that the quarries are producing twice as much aggregates as they normally would.

And following continued complaints and recent protest action by residents of the Bendals community, the Government promised to seriously address the issues of dust from the quarries and the deplorable condition of the area’s roads.

Browne had said that they would be installing dust suppression systems at Burma and Bendals in the first instance, in order to reduce the difficulty that residents are subjected to, in adjoining villages.

And in a recent update, the Minister said that the systems are on their way to the island.

“So we recently purchased some dust suppression systems so they have been purchased and are on their way to Antigua,” she said briefly.


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