Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Baba’s Contribution to Economic Building Qualifies Him to Be Ambassador

Ambassadors Patrice Arthur Luke. Photo Credit: Wayne Mariett

Prime Minister Gaston Browne has congratulated one of the country’s newest ambassadors Patrice Arthur Luke, affectionately known as “Baba”

Ambassador Luke was sworn in as an economic envoy last week.

Browne said the appointment of Ambassador Luke is a typical example in which ambition and effort resulted in the elevation of an individual.


emanated from very humble beginnings. He is not the most qualified person, however, as you know, education comes in different forms. Skills come in different forms. He has emerged over the years, within the last two decades, to become perhaps one of the most successful entrepreneurs on the island,” Browne said

The new ambassador has been very instrumental in the building of several roads and repair of public buildings on the island PM Browne recalls, adding that “we are proud when grassroots people like him would have elevated themselves having emanated from poor communities”

Browne said the appointment of Ambassador Luke is indicative of his administration’s policy of inclusion for every person to advance themselves.

In his role, Luke is expected to assist in the stimulation of investment and attract new business from his overseas contact

“He’s not an ambassador who is serving in a mission that may require a significant number of technical skills, like, the UN and the OAS. He is someone who will utilize whatever connections he has to help us to attract others to invest,” Browne explained

“We must create a space at the table for grassroots people like Baba who is the salt of the earth. Someone whom people look up to…someone whom people would emulate,” he added

Browne said it was based on these factors, that the Cabinet decided to approve the appointment of Ambassador Luke


  1. paget edwards

    What a congratulatory message?

  2. NB

    As someone has grown up in Clare Hall, Sutherlands and Cassada Gardens; me raise up being around Baba. A humble dude with heart that got along with everyone and looked out for all.
    Honestly, I lost track of Baba’s evolution since them days when we were growning up playing. Baba had street smarts definitely and he knew how to mingle with anyone and everyone. I think he used his skills to become a great citizen and made the right alliances. Congrats to Mr Luke. I’m glad that as an Antiguan from humble beginnings you were able to be a positive beacon for yourself, your family, your community and your country. I dont know the details but Bless Up to You Brother. God always provides.


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