Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Browne Talks-Up Gaming Dispute, LIAT, and Re-establishing United States Embassy in Antigua with US Senator

Prime Minister Gaston Browne had a wide ranging bilateral meeting with Senator Christopher Dodd of the United States of America, Special Presidential Advisor for the Americas.

The millions owed to Antigua and Barbuda by the United States following the World Trade Organizations’ long-running gaming dispute was among matters discussed when Prime Minister Gaston Browne met with US Senator Christopher Dodd on Tuesday

Dodd, a special presidential advisor for the Americas met with Browne on the heels of the Flag Raising Ceremony at Chaguaramas in Trinidad and Tobago

Boosting LIAT’s capacity to deal with regional transpiration and the US’s desire to select two North Eastern Caribbean countries as destinations to establish US embassies were also discussed.

Browne had said that he is confident that Antigua and Barbuda will be selected since it has done the work and the level of infrastructure, its modern airport, and being the fastest growing economy in the OECS.

Both distinguished men also spoke about US-China relations and Venezuela’s Petro Caribe initiative, agreeing to follow up on the matters discussed. 

During their talks, the US also reaffirmed its commitment to strengthening cooperation and relations with Antigua and Barbuda and the rest of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM). 

PM Browne applauded what he described as the warming and strengthening of relations between Washington and St Johns which he said continues to strengthen under President Joe Biden. 

“The US is a wonderful friend of the Caribbean, and you Senator are also a great envoy of President Biden,” Browne said

For his part, Senator Dodd said that the Caribbean remains an area of special interest for the US, which is underscored by the recent visit and engagement by Vice President Harris in the Bahamas. 

The meeting took place at the Hyatt hotel where the 45th Conference of Heads of Government is meeting to look at several key agenda items. 

Meanwhile, Heads of governments also received guests from friendly countries and international organizations including the Peoples Republic of China, the Prime Minister of South Korea, and the Ambassador/Special Envoy of Mexico among others. 

The Heads and senior officials also received a visit and extended greetings to former Secretary General Sir Edwin Carrington, who played a critical role in shaping the course of the Community over many years. 

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  1. Steven C. Mayers

    Let us not entertain any demands of alienating ourselves from China.
    History has proven that China has been much more Benevolent to us than the USA., and America’s “Bully Pulpit” will soon be null and void.
    Our value on the scheme of things is Antigua’s Strategic Position at the Northeast corner of the Caribbean, and our international Airport.
    Our Unique location allows us to facilitate non-stop fights to Europe, Africa, North and South America and beyond.
    The Nation of Antigua and Barbuda is an invaluable Ally to all in cases of War.
    America has proven that its benevolence is concentrated in the giving of weapons and ammunition to whoever is willing to overthrow a government that has no desire to be controlled by the USA
    Studying the History of Central American Countries will prove the above, one of the latest is the destruction of the Venezuelan economy caused by US Sanctions. The Reason. Hugo Chavez was adopting Socialist Government for his Nation. and refused to stop the countries election.
    America is deathly afraid of Socialism anywhere in its proximity, Capitalism cannot exist in a Socialist Environment.
    Overnight, Venezuela went from being the RICHEST COUNTRY (more oil underground than Saudi Arabia) in South America, who gave billions of dollars to other South American Countries, to a “pauper Country”. No medicines no food, no economy. The power of US Sanctions.
    Remember U. S. A. ‘S attempt to insert a non entity called Juan Guido as the legitimate president of Venezuela. Luckily the average Venezuelan is not a dunce, so that effort continues to fail.
    In spite of America’s fear of Socialism, for Capitalism to prosper, , they HAD TO ADOPT CERTAIN SOCIALIST PROGRAMS Such as. FOOD STAMPS, WELFARE, GOVERNMENT HOUSING PROGRAMS, WICK, SECTION 8 etc. etc. etc.
    Why ???? Because it has been proven, that once a man has a roof over his and his children’s’ head, and food in their belly, they will never revolt
    America is a CAPITALIST country. There is no price control. The same item can cost from $5 to $5,000., depending on the need for it and the ability to pay for it. Any person who does not mind taking advantage of the underprivileged and the disadvantaged, can become a millionaire. Laws are passed to benefit the “haves” but not the “have nots”. Eg. Bankruptcy Laws. The “Miranda Warning”.
    Please also know, that Guyana is one of the richest Nations on Earth by its NATURAL RESOURCES.
    GUYANA has everything South Africa has, and possibly more. Gold. Silver. Copper. Diamonds. Oil Aluminum.
    I no longer consider Forestry a resource, because in cutting down the trees to make lumber, we are depleting the World’s Supply of OXYGEN.
    These resources guarantee that America will always have a U. S. Embassy it enhances the safety of American investors.
    However, it should be mentioned that the reason why the value of the Guyanese money is $211.50 Guyanese = $1.00. U. S. Dollar. Is the greed and corruption prevalent in the previous and present Guyanese Government officials , signing over the control of the resources to the Colonial Entities.


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