Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Editorial Staff
8 months ago

BoE Celebrates Achievements of its Own

A Board of Education (BoE) employee received a distinction for having earned passes with honors after completing the Harvard Credential of Readiness programme which is exclusively offered through the Lifelong Learning Unit at the University of the West Indies Five Island Campus.

Mervin Browne, Ann Marie Tobiere, and Pricilla Simon completed the programme. Simon and Browne recently received Harvard Credential of Readiness certificates with Browne earning the honour.

Of the 100 persons registered for the professional development course, this is the first instance that a pass with honourable mention has been awarded.

The three were celebrated for their hard work during a reception that was hosted by the statutory corporation.

Speaking at the brief ceremony Browne said the course was not an easy one and he too has been encountering challenging times through the year and previous years.

He expressed gratitude to God, his family, and his place of employment for the assistance throughout.

“Support does wonders once you are doing something and we need to learn that as persons. It is not always about one person getting it done when you team up you will understand that there are people willing to help you,” Browne said.

He also outlined that the course covered gave them an opportunity to analyze data, and policies that companies may have in order to perform their duties. Participants also learned ways to make a business more efficient.

Acting Executive Secretary of the BoE Paul Punter said the statutory corporation is overwhelmed by the achievements of the staffers.

He added that the organization is about education and they intend to lead by example by ensuring that staff members are well-trained and well rounded.

“We continue to provide scholarships on an annual basis for the nation as a whole and we do not want to leave out our employees. We continue to encourage those who have the ability and make opportunities available so that they can also participate in this programme,” Punter said.

According to Executive Director of the Lifelong Learning Unit Paula CM Lee, the Harvard programme offers three courses; Business Analytics, Economics for Managers, and Financial Accounting.

Each course is designed to help working adults master essential business skills, confidentially participate in organizational decision-making and advance their careers and earn credentials.

“One student stated that the Harvard Credential of Readiness Programme strengthens business literacy. In addition to enhancing knowledge, another student confirmed that the programme has positively impacted his self-determination, discipline, and appreciation for excellence,” Lee said.

Lee also said registration is ongoing for cohort number 6 which commences on July 23rd.


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