Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Editorial Staff
8 months ago

Browne Among CARICOM Leaders to Ditch Suit and Tie for Retreat in Dominica

Prime Minister Gaston Browne will be among leaders “ditching his business suit” next month to take part in a retreat in Dominica.

The idea of “dressing down”, was that of Dominica’s Prime Minister Gaston Browne who is also the newly elected chairman of CARICOM

Skerrit said at the end of the closing of the 45th Heads of Government Conference in Port of Spain, Trinidad that the retreat will be held to discuss matters aimed at strengthening governance and cooperation, ahead of their next mid-term summit scheduled in Guyana.

Skerrit said he wants his colleagues to wear more comfortable attire at the meeting to “enjoy his country’s fresh mountain air and be open to new ideas”

“I have made clear to all of us that we will lose the suits and ties…we will be in T-shirts and jeans and shorts possibly focusing on some critically important issues of the community so that when we get to Guyana or even before we get to Guyana, we can put a number of issues in place and bring clarity to discussions and we’re hoping that that can become a regular feature,” Skerrit stated.

The Dominican PM Skerrit said the retreat is also expected to help CARICOM to attend upcoming international meetings.

He said there must be unity at all international forums and a common goal of striking deals that will benefit all members.

“COP 28 is coming and we need to have a clearly defined and cohesive position where every one of us will speak from the same hymn sheet,” he stated.

The retreat will take place from August 18-19.


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